Imposter Syndrome will Always be Your Wall

And getting over that wall and learning something new is your second wind.

Today I learned the most important thing so far with software development has to be a lack of fear to try new things. In my mind, it's almost the direct indicator of a great software engineer. If you're not willing to try new things, one of two things will happen:

  1. One trick pony; You’ll do the same one thing you are okay at over and over again until it won't be enough and you'll fall behind the industry
  2. Hobbyist: Your love of coding will fade away because it was no longer challenging and became like any other repetitive job. It will become that thing you once used to do.

But if you climb on top of that wall. Youll see that there no edge to the board that is what you can create and accomplish if you continue trying new things. That they are just more walls just as easy and exciting to climb as the one you just got to the top of. God, I love coding and the excitement that comes with well-written beautiful code that just works.

Next time I get scared of learning something new, I will be back to read this story, remember what it felt like to be on top of the wall, I once again find myself standing in front of.

Code on my friends, Code on. Don't walk away from the wall.



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